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 I’ve heard that a journey starts when you decide to go, I like that a lot.
Stepping through the gate of decision can make me feel lighter even if the decision is heavy.
In a week I will be taking one of the big steps in my trip to Southeast Asia. Its certainly not the first but it is a very important step and I imagine that stepping onto that plane will start to concrete the feeling of excitement that has been brewing for months.

I worked hard jobs for this.
I quit jobs for this.
I will leave my family behind to do this.
I will miss holidays.
And its what I want to do with my life right now.

I need big steps to remind me I’m still alive. I need to throw myself into the unknown to show myself that I am capable. I let myself get stagnant without my big goals and for me not much feels worse than stagnation.

I will leave at 1:50am from SeaTac international Airport on the 2nd of September.
I have 8 months, or roughly 240 days before I’d like to be back.

Soon I will make a post about my gear and the preparation I’ve done.
I love gear, it calms me down to pack my backpack and Its one of the parts of preparation for travel that I most enjoy.