Kampot is a town known for pepper. Its in nearly every store here, its suppose to be very good. I personally have no idea if its anything special because I doubt the people who live here could pay $10 for a bag of pepper when a cook might make $120 dollars a month.

When I walk around I see many tourists in coffee shops or bakery cafe’s. Its a nice place to hangout and relax, its not too loud and there’s still lots to see. It still feels like a real town despite the growing tourist infrastructure. There are many guesthouses revamping themselves to have dorms and more backpacker friendly facilities. I would guess that in five years there will be a thriving hipster-esk backpacker and ex-pat community here. There are already many ex-pats enjoying the extreme freedom of being a wealthy foreigner in a poor Cambodian town.

I’m leaving Cambodia tomorrow, I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I am very excited for some more diversity. Cambodia pretty much looks the same everywhere, its all flat and green. On the other hand I will miss the genuine people I’ve met here. I’ve learned so much from Cambodia. Vietnam will be a good opportunity for me to use what I’ve learned about myself to choose places that I’ll thrive in.
I’m looking forward to many jungle treks.