_DSC0142It wasn’t dark yet, my legs were tired from a long day of trekking and it made it easy to sit patiently waiting for night to fall. The open room was two hours from the edge of the national park and overlooking as much of a clearing as you’re likely to see in the jungle. I was eating some few snacks I had brought when the quality of the light really started to change.
It happened fast, it felt like stepping out of the regular world and into a fairy tale. I’m not someone who thinks very whimsically most of the time but seeing the jungle go from light to dark was magical. The first sign was a call of some unseen animal that sounded like a giant creaky door closing. Then the rest of the sounds were exchanged for the night time versions, it was loud and each sound was like it was designed to send shivers down my spine. I saw a dark shape with a long tail walk over a light colored log, a catlike tail. It made a low, short sound several times before passing out of earshot. By this time their were lights all around, light from fireflies and light from lightning, like from some sort of mold or fungus on the jungle floor.
The changing of the guard all happened in about an hour and than slowly settled to a level a little lower than the peak at dusk.
I don’t know how any native people could not believe in magic.